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Missing Link: Lower Lea Valley to the Thames
02/11/2013 – 05/11/2013 10 AM to 9 PM

Opening Event: 2. Nov 2013 6 PM
free and open to the public!

Harvard Graduate School Of Design students show their work on alternative Urban Design futures

The White Building
Event Space
Queen’s Yard White Post Lane
E9 5EN London

As part of the interdisciplinary curriculum at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, this studio taught by Visiting Prof. Günther Vogt from the Institute of Landscape Architecture at the ETH Zurich in the Fall of 2012 was primarily concerned with design processes in complex urban territories. Drawn from the fields of Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Urban Design and Planning, the international group of students was asked to take a radically subjective position on the future of the Lower Lea Valley based on a comprehensive analysis of the site and its social, spatial, ecological and economical particularities. Between formulating the program and communicating the design concept, the studio required a commitment to continuous documentation through personal cartography while engaging a variety of scales and tools, ranging from large-scale territorial mapping to personal experiences on site. Consolidated in this public exhibiton including a newspaper, the resulting 13 positions will hopefully foster the ongoing public discussion on future potentials and possibilities.

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